The organizing theme of Meaning 360 is life’s seasons. Just as many parts of our world see nature journey through the birth of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the harvest of autumn, and the dormancy of winter, so, too, our lives pass through seasons. Meaning 360 integrates cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices to lead you to explore and build more meaning and purpose in your life.


The key appeal of Meaning 360 is the expertise and warmth of the creators and facilitators, Mike and Pninit, and the sense of community and connection they create among those seeking a life of meaning and purpose. However, by locating Meaning 360 in Ubud, Bali, we will celebrate and immerse ourselves in the incredible natural, cultural, and spiritual beauty that the people of Bali have nurtured. 

At Meaning 360, you can truly transport yourself into five days of spiritual uplift, cultural inspiration, and robust meaning and purpose programming to gain the encouragement, momentum, and evidence-based practices to clearly steer toward the life you feel is worth living. 

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What is different about this retreat?

This retreat is focused on meaning and purpose in life. There are precious few spaces or opportunities for people to really think deeply about meaning and purpose, and to receive guidance, ideas, and support in an inspiring and rejuvenating location.


Michael Steger and Pninit Russo-Netzer, the leaders of this retreat, have spent years and years doing the groundbreaking research that has scientifically established meaning and purpose as the foundation of a happy life that is worth living. But beyond their scientific research, both Mike and Pninit have backgrounds as counselors, so throughout their careers they have practiced how to help people change and improve their lives.

Mike and Pninit are seasoned and highly skilled facilitators having delivered workshops, trainings, and retreats around the world. They are warm, engaging, and weave humor throughout their work. They create impactful yet fun experiences to encourage people to keep taking those vital steps forward.


Perhaps most importantly, this retreat is specifically designed to fix the three fatal flaws that prevent most other “life-changing experiences” from actually changing people’s lives. Meaning 360 is built on solid and innovative science, both in terms of meaning and purpose, but also in terms of optimizing people’s abilities to use what they learn and experience when the retreat ends.

Meaning 360 is purpose-built and thoughtfully crafted to create a sense of community, to inspire you, and to support you as you dive deeper into what your life can be in a welcoming, comfortable, hope-filled, fun, and moving experience – all while you enjoy the lush setting of the Ritz-Carlton Mandapa Reserve in the spiritual heart of Bali.